About Randy


     Randy Wall has been illustrating  and designing  for over 20 years.
Randy and his design company , Artlab design, have worked in many
different fields
of art from book illustrations to designing for Chip and
Pepper and  B.U.M.Equipment L.A.
 Over the last 10 years or so Randy has been designing, sculpting and
developing toys, branding and packaging for companies like Action
Products, BBel, Earthlore ,Poof-Slinky, Ideal and
others. Randy has
designed  for many cool projects like Jurassic Park Lost World  toys, 
and has sculpted dozens of figures and creatures for other projects.
"It's great to do what you love." says Randy.
 Artlab keeps Randy busy working on  projects like toy design, logos,
product branding, retail p.o.p displays, illustrations, cartoons,
animation,T-shirt graphics, action figure sculpting, product
development, and anything else that comes his way.
Randy attends Toyfair in Newyork in
Feb to do some networking,
meet with friends and dig up work.
He is
 a pop culture, synthesiser, fashion, art, horror, and toy lover.
Randy has a hudge collection of toys, action figures, special effects
props and strange odities  on his studio shelves. He also plays
keyboards in a band with  friends every Tuesday and plays volleyball
on Wednesday nights. Randy grew up on Mad, Heavy Metal magazine
and Warren publications like Vampirilla, and Creepy. These where
great influences.
He chills out by painting, making music, sculpting, writing, and inventing.



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